How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

Home working productivity
Working from home can make life easier – but staying creative can be challenging. Here’s how you can keep productivity flowing when away from the office.

Working from home has its perks and challenges. While you enjoy the comfort, work-life balance, flexibility, and cost savings of avoiding the daily commute, it’s not uncommon to encounter distractions, feelings of isolation, and a monotonous routine that can zap your creative and productivity energy.

If you find yourself struggling to stay productive while working from home, fear not! We’ve compiled a few friendly and effective ways to keep your creative juices flowing.

Crafting an environment for remote productivity

Designate a dedicated workspace

When transitioning to a work-from-home setup, it’s important to establish a designated area that puts you in the right mindset for productive and creative thinking. Whether it’s a spare room, the kitchen table, or a corner of your living room with a desk, find a space that suits your preferences. While the allure of working from the couch or bed may be tempting, sitting up straight with a proper workstation can do wonders for your mental clarity, not to mention your posture and productivity.

Establish a routine

Maintaining a clear separation between your work and personal life is crucial when working from home. Establishing a consistent routine with specific working hours helps create structure and reduces the risk of distractions when working from home. By adhering to a schedule as closely as possible, you’ll find it easier to prepare for tasks and maintain a focused and productive mindset.

Take breaks and stay active

Sitting in front of a screen for remote work all day can stifle creativity and productivity. That’s why it’s essential to have regular breaks into your work-from-home routine to step away from your desk and engage in physical activity. Whether it’s a short walk, a quick exercise video, or a stretching session, getting your blood flowing will improve your focus and power you up with a refreshed and productive mindset for when its time to carry on.


       Getting out for a walk can help reset your creative thinking


Cultivating creativity to stay productive

Personalize your environment

Your home is your sanctuary, so don’t be afraid to spice up your workspace with personal touches. Surround yourself with artwork, plants, photos, or other meaningful objects that resonate with you. Play some music, have conversations with yourself, and create a positive atmosphere that keeps boredom at bay, and productivity up high.

Maintain social connections

It’s easy to get caught up in the solitude of working from home, but human interaction plays a vital role in fostering creativity and productivity. Stay connected with colleagues, engage in conversations, share your ideas, and gain fresh perspectives. Not only will this keep your mind stimulated and awake, but it can also spark new and innovative ideas.

Embrace change and variety

Repeating the same routine day in and day out can stifle creative and productive thinking. Embrace change by shaking up your daily schedule or rearranging your workspace. Experiment with different tasks at different times, move your workstation from the kitchen to the bedroom, or venture out to a local café for a change of scenery over home working.


                              A change of scenery can do wonders


Explore new methods

Creativity and productivity extend beyond the realm of traditional approaches, so go ahead and check out a wide range of tools and techniques to stimulate your thinking. Whether it’s discovering how to brainstorm, using mind maps, exploring templates, or even leveraging AI assistants to jump-start your work productivity, don’t be afraid to try new methods and discover what works best for you.


Take care of yourself

Prioritize sleep and nutrition

A well-rested mind is a productive mind. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep and waking up refreshed, as it not only enhances your creativity, but also contributes to your overall well-being. Also, maintaining a balanced diet with nutritious meals and staying hydrated throughout the day (especially if you’re indulging in lots of coffee or sugary drinks) will go a long way to keeping you feeling healthy and energetic.

Indulge in enjoyable activities

In addition to home work, make time for activities you genuinely enjoy. Engaging in hobbies or creative pursuits outside of work allows you to recharge and bring fresh ideas to the table. Whether it’s painting, playing a musical instrument, playing a video game, writing, gardening, or any other activity that sparks joy and ignites your creativity, doing what you enjoy will keep your energy levels and morale at a good level.

Be kind to yourself

It’s natural to encounter moments of creative stagnation or feel stuck on a particular project – especially when working remotely. Instead of getting frustrated, give yourself a break. Take a step away from the work and do something that allows your mind to relax and wander. Going for a walk, taking a shower, or simply taking a break to do something unrelated to work can often lead to unexpected performance, or at least tone down the frustration.


                       Don’t let work get in the way of your wellbeing


Seek inspiration

Make sure to find time to seek inspiration and expand your knowledge when you work from home. Read books, articles, or blogs related to your field or other areas of interest. Watch documentaries, attend webinars or virtual conferences, and listen to podcasts that expose you to new ideas and perspectives. By learning from others and staying informed about industry trends, you’ll naturally feel more inspired to think outside the box when partaking in hybrid or remote work.


Go forth and enjoy better work productivity!

In the right circumstances, creativity and productivity can come easily when working remotely, but it can sometimes be really tough to tap into. With the above tips, you’ll stand a better chance of staying creative and productive when working from home, despite the challenges of remote work. And, with OfficeSuite’s productivity apps by your side, you’ll have the canvas in which to store and develop your ideas.

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