Get a 360° of your inboxes and calendars


Organize your emails and schedule

Mail consolidates all your email and calendar accounts into one easy-to-manage client, ensuring you’re always in the loop and on schedule.

All mail accounts in one place

Forget about juggling between your Gmail inbox, Outlook calendar, and work email: Instead, centralize them all in one convenient place.

Do more with your downtime

Got 5 minutes while waiting for your flight? Compose emails even if you don’t have an internet connection, Mail will deliver them the moment you come back online.

Stay on top of your schedule

From important work meetings to your kid’s ballet recital, Mail helps you organize your day, create events, manage attendance.
Built with privacy in mind
Mail is perfect for both personal and business users seeking a secure and reliable email client. Rest easy knowing that your correspondence, schedule, and personal information will always be kept private.

What our users say

I connected most of the email account I work with daily, and it’s been very handy having everything in one place.

Helen Bothroyd

I like that I can check the availability of my colleagues before sending them meeting invites, very practical.

Martin Kroot

Lets me connect my email for quick and easy access to multiple user accounts and calendars.

Nikki Whelan

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