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Create standout documents

Reliable and easy to use, Documents is a text editor that always has a useful feature to support and complement your work.

Design beautiful docs in minutes

Short on time to update your CV or polish up an article? With themes and templates, you can quickly tweak layouts, fonts, and formatting, or add images and tables with no hassle.

Collaborate on any file with your team

Empower teamwork with comments, track changes from multiple authors, and leverage solid compatibility with all popular file formats, including Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, OpenOffice, and others.

Stay productive on the go

Documents can keep pace with you, wherever you are. Seamlessly switch between Windows, Android, and iOS devices to continue from anywhere, together with dedicated cloud storage to store and keep files accessible at all times.

What our users say

Documents is reliable, robust and intuitive. Very useful for viewing and editing documents.

Ayu Harimau

It’s a very good app. I can create a lot of my documents with no problems at all. I love it, please continue.

Miselo Fenete

Good app for viewing, creating or editing Office Documents on-the-go.

Lucie Da silva

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